The relationship between nutrition and personal training

The relationship between nutrition and personal training

By: Samuel Mwagiru

The relationship between personal training and nutritionist Kenya is crucial. In order to succeed in personal training Kenya you need to watch what you eat. In the past training enthusiast have adopted well-meaning exercises regimens but later on added weight through the wrong nutrients intake. That’s why a personal trainer Kenya comes in handy. You can bet on Fitviu to help you achieve your goal. It’s good to mention that watching nutrition is necessary as a casual exerciser or a professional athlete. In the end your body deserves the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and fluids to run your body.


If you are looking for the right results you need a combination of the best nutritionists Kenya and personal trainers Kenya. Thanks to technology and access to information more and more people are maximizing on their desire to have better bodies. We’ve prepared an ultimate guide with the right nutrition guidelines. As it is you will be able to make the right choices to fuel your body to the next level. Everyone has different fitness goals but the need for the right nutrition cuts across board!


Understanding your body is key

Even before you get down to finding the perfect personal trainer Kenya and best nutritionist Kenya, its starts with you. It starts with something basic as examining your body calories requirements and body mass index.  Secondly, you need to understand your fitness goals.


What are your fitness goals?

There is always a challenge when it comes to setting fitness goals especially in the absence of a personal trainer Kenya and best nutritionist Kenya. You need a calculated approach. In order to set up yourself for success, you need to start small. Without the right goals you could be going round in circles. The idea is to have progressive approach in piecemeal nutrients intake till you achieve your fitness goals. The key phrase here is “set realistic goals”. Once you set the ultimate goal, it’s easier to break it down to weekly and daily fitness goals.


  • Timing your goal; how long will it take you to achieve your fitness goals? Is it a period of one month, 3 months or one year? Similarly, how long will it take when working with the best nutritionist and personal trainers Kenya?
  • What will it take to achieve your fitness goals? ; will you be going it alone or with the help of fitness professionals? How many workouts will you be doing every week? That way you are able to plan your workout schedules ahead not to affect your normal activities. Again, you have to be realistic on what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. It’s better to take more time and achieve results than have a haphazard approach and go round in circles!
  • Do you believe you can achieve the goal? ; answering this question means that you are ready to make the right realistic moves.

How to plan your nutrition?

This article is all about timing your nutrition. What do you consume before and after you have gone through tight exercise regimen with your personal trainer Kenya. Even though you might be working with the best nutritionist Kenya, we have the following guideline to help you. You can review it together with your nutritionist.



The pre workout nutrition


  1. Carbohydrates; if your body is your car then carbohydrates is the fuel for your engine. When you are exercising you need a lot of carbohydrates to boost your muscles. The harder you work your body the more you will need carbs.
  2. On the other hand proteins are in charge of reconstructing and repairing the body. In addition, the proteins provide the necessary amino acids to help your body during hard exercises. If you have the right amount of proteins pre workout you will save your muscles from soreness afterwards.


The pre workout schedule

Depending on your work schedule it’s advisable to take a large meals approximately 3 – 4 hours before you start your work out. Furthermore, you can have a simple fruit snack 30 minutes before you get down to the exercise activities. This helps you to add the kick push effect the body needs during the exercise. One downside to eating immediately before you work out is because the muscles will be competing with the stomach.


As the stomach is busy is digesting the food you’ve just eaten, the body is busy working out the muscles during the vigorous act. All this is happening simultaneously!


What are the pre-workout food suggestions?


  • You can have banana with a peanut butter
  • Alongside Yoghurt with berries
  • Nuts and raisins
  • Peanut, apple or almond butter
  • Low fat milk, fruits and oatmeal



Post workout nutrition 


One benefit of carbohydrates after physical workouts with your personal trainers Kenya is the ability to allow your muscles to replenish the lost sugars. Your body is able to recover the lost sugars as best nutritionist Kenya advices. The proteins is in charge of the process of repairing and rebuilding the muscles using the available amino acids and proteins. The optimal time to refuel according to the best nutritionist Kenya is approximately 15 -20 minutes post exercise.


The idea is to ensure that you are properly fueled before and after you are done with the exercises. Of course, with the guidance of a personal trainers Kenya the process becomes easier.


When you put much emphasis on eating wisely your body will benefit from maximum muscle growth, recover quicker and replenish itself. Plus you get to have a lot energy to push you through your workouts!


Post-workout Suggestions:

  • Post-workout smoothie made with low-fat milk and fruit)
  • Low-fat milk
  • Chicken on a whole-grain wrap with vegetables
  • Yogurt with fruit berries


Tips for weight loss


There are two methods that you can use to help you in weight loss. You can either eat fewer calories or you burn the calories that you took. In this section we have prepared a guide on how to lose weight with the help of our seasoned nutritionist Kenya and personal trainers Kenya.


Besides the best nutritionist Kenya and your personal trainers Kenya you need the input of your doctor. The doctor will help you in setting the right fitness goals. Therefore, if you have a lot of ground to cover you can be able to set realistic goals. In addition, to the workouts you need to have lifestyle habits in line with your weight loss goals. If you have the wrong lifestyle habits all your energy will be useless.


The morning workout

The morning workout can be something easy such as bike ride, zomba classes, or a walk. Typically, these exercises require minimal energy to run. The best diet in the morning workout is a carbohydrate rich snack alongside fluids


The right amount of energy as described above will help your body run during the night without eating anything else. On the contrary, your body would require a lot of calories to function in the fitness goals you set in the previous points.

Once you’ve had your morning workout you can eat a simple breakfast full of carbohydrates and proteins such as hard boiled eggs. Whole grain bread, fruit juice and oat meal.

As a precaution, do not skip breakfast in favor of a light lunch if you have an evening workout schedule planned later on. This will increase your intake of calories after workout because you will be too hungry.


The evening workout

If you plan to work out in the evening you need to ensure that you have your lunch 3 to 4 hours before you work out. Our Fitviu best nutrition Kenya suggest you can have some grilled chickens or grilled cheese sandwich with soup. If your lunch is healthy enough it can sustain you during your late afternoon workout. However, it is advisable to have some light snack composed of fruits such as oranges, grapes and a banana.


Post workouts refueling tips

A lot of hydration is necessary. Therefore you need to drink a lot of water to replenish whatever was lost during workout. If you will be working late or going out you need to have some snacks to reenergize your body. But if you are headed home you can skip the light snack. As you wait for your meal (In case it’s not ready when you get home) then you can drink milk in small portions. The nutrients in the milk will help your body refresh itself. It’s good to note that you shouldn’t reward yourself by taking in more calories than you need after a workout. It will be an effort in futility!


Tips for building muscle

Building muscles is not easy to build especially as you get older. By the time most people are past the age of 30, they tend to lose muscles gradually at about three to eight percent each decade. The best way to retain muscles is to engage in resistance training.


  • Strength training & health; the major muscles groups include legs, back, hips, abdomen, arms, shoulders and chest. In order to retain the right physique gained from training you need to work out these groups at least twice in a week. The best muscle trainings are doing pushups and pulls ups, using resistance bands and the typical weight lifting exercises. You get better results by working with the best nutritionist Kenya and personal trainers Kenya.
  • The best nutritionist advice that you need to have the right uptake of carbohydrates and proteins. These two nutrients play a key role in having enough calories throughout the day. In fact, they will help you build a lot of muscles. When building muscles, the intake of proteins should take up the chunk of all the calories an adult takes in. On the other hand when you wish to keep muscle mass you do not need a lot of proteins. In this case, you should focus on food that is rich with proteins and essential amino acids. Additionally, this helps your immune to remain stronger.
  • The following are some of the types of food you can take in including eggs, yoghurt, chicken and cheese. On the other hand, vegetarian can eat soy based foods and nuts and beans. The food should be served in about 3 portions per day including fats and protein nutrients rich food.

Carbohydrates in muscle building

Typically carbohydrates are converted to glycogen duly stored in the body for muscle building. Thus making carbohydrates a very crucial group when you are doing workouts. The carbohydrates intake should be about half of all the calories you take every day when strength training. Try to have low fat carbohydrates in your diet when you are strength training.

Contrary to popular belief, you need fat in your daily diet. The fat is necessary for suppling energy all throughout. The daily fat intake should be about 25 to 35% daily. That said, however, you shold ensure that the intake of fat is healthy to your heart. These fats can be found in olive oil, walnuts, avocado, sardines and salmons.



The bottom line is that you can’t separate nutrition and fitness training. It gets better when you work with a best nutritionist Kenya and the best personal trainers Kenya. Fitviu is on hand to make it easier for users to access the better of these two. In the end each fitness goal is based on individuality and what you need to achieve. For example, there are people who wish to lose weight. On the other hand, we have people who are advanced in their training. They are more focused on strength training.

Of course, the relationship between nutrition and fitness training cannot be crammed in one article. Fitviu will be sharing various blog posts on the subject to ensure that our readers get the best in fitness goals setting and strength training!










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