Differences between a personal trainer Kenya and gym instructor

Differences between a personal trainer Kenya and gym instructor

By: Samuel Mwagiru

If you are not aware that there is a difference between a personal trainer Kenya and gym instructor this article will help you. These two actually complement each other when it comes to putting their skills to practice. Even though they perform similar functions there are some difference in execution of duties and concentration of workmanship. We will start with the discussion of the function of a gym instructor.

What are the function of a gym instructor?

Typically, a gym instructor is a permanent employee at a specific gym or fitness facility. In a sense, they are the managers of these facilities. They help members in using the equipment correctly and safely. Additionally, it is the instructor job to ensure that the members are employing the right techniques when executing their duties.

The roles of the gym instructor Kenya

This means members avoid getting injured. In the end the members need to get the best results from their premium membership.

In addition, the gym instructor is in charge of cleaning the equipment and recruiting new members. They also, offer gym inductions and tours of the gym facilities. In some instances, they are in charge of fitness group classes. If you are new in the fitness field you can start working as a gym instructor. It will help you gain confidence in the trade.

The functions of personal trainer Kenya

As stated earlier the functions of the gym instructor are almost similar except that the personal trainer Kenya adds a personal touch. The personal trainer tends to have a holistic approach to training which encompasses fitness, health and weight loss. In essence, their basic function is to assist clients achieve these goals. In the initial stages, the personal trainer Kenya will take the client through consultation to discuss goals.

Once, the fitness goals have been identified the personal trainer will come up with a personalized program and the right advice for nutrition. All these is executed on a one on one basis. Since personal trainers Kenya do not have specific facilities they are tied to they can work anywhere at any time. In most cases, they work at home or at health clubs or gyms or fitness center. The fitness app fitviu allow clients to search for personal trainer near them.


The personal trainer is much more than a trainer, he is also a coach. Working on a one on one basis. They offer much needed motivation and encouragement to the clients. Their relationships with the clients is long standing.

In terms of training a personal trainer Kenya is more advanced than a gym instructor. Usually those that start out as gym instructors end up being personal trainers. The personal trainer ensures that the training regimen is fit for their clients to achieve their fitness goals

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