How to find the best gym in Kenya

How to find the best gym in Kenya

By: Samuel Mwagiru


There is always enthusiastic faces willing to join a gym in January more than any other month in the year. Of course, joining a gym Kenya in the first month is inspired by New Year’s resolutions.  As the months progress the commitment also dwindles. The question still remains how do you stick to your gym? Simple…look for a gym you’d fall in love with.


The gym Kenya you join should energize you to want to exercise every day of your life throughout the year. Therefore, you need to join a Gym are comfortable with. It should be a place you feel inspired to work out the minute you walk in. This can be added by the fact that the team you meet there embraces proper customer service. In essence, the gym you join should elicit happy emotions only –it should make you feel good about exercising and yourself.

The good thing about Fitviu is the fact that it is easier to locate a gym within your area. The app will help you find the best gyms and the best personal trainers in Kenya. However, sticking to true traditions, this post will arm you with the right information to locate the best gym in Kenya.

Choose a local gym Kenya

One of the features of Fitviu app is geo positioning, which allows users to find personal trainers and gyms within their locality. Of course, it is logical to exercise within a gym close to your home. While you are at it, you can look out for a gym that has ample parking.

If you wish to locate the best gym Kenya do so at a time when you wish to be visiting. That is, you should check it out during your ideal time. If you plan on working out in the morning and evenings then examine the gym Kenya during that time. Additionally, you should inquire on the equipment you’d wish to use while at the gym. Do they have the equipment already? Is the gym congested?

What about the equipment cleanliness?

There is no doubt that gyms are germ factories. It takes a lot of work to clean the gym equipment. Ideally, the cleaning activities should be done on a daily basis. If possible, the gym should be cleaned throughout the day to ensure they remain in pristine condition. At least wiping the equipment after use (especially the weights). Furthermore, an exerciser is advised to come with a hand sanitizer at the gym Kenya of their choice!

How does the gym Kenya handle emergencies

Any gym Kenya is predisposed to accidents and emergencies. That said, a gym should be ready to handle these emergencies. The best case scenario should have gym instructors or team members trained in CPR or basic first aid skills for common conditions.

 Invest in your membership

You should ensure that your investment in your gym Kenya is focused. When you have scheduled training with a personal trainer Kenya or group classes you get more accountability. The idea is to build up on your investment by looking for results. When you can see return in investment (ROI) you will wish to continue with the exercises.

 The culture at a gym Kenya is crucial

A culture of inspiration will motivate you to wish to work out in a gym Kenya. Therefore, you should look out for the culture. For instance, you need to find out what they allow and do not allow at a gym. Plus, at the end of the day everyone wish to achieve their fitness goals which could be muscle training or weight loss.


Choosing a gym Kenya remains a personal choice. However, with the app Fitviu it becomes easier locating the right gym for your fitness goals. The choice will also be determined by the type of achievement you wish to make. You can check out our post on the connection between nutrition and exercising.


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