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7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App

The ultimate guide on how to become a successful…

In recent years personal training uptake has tremendously increased in Kenya. The increase comes with an extensive demand for better personal training services in Kenya. The rise has been boosted by the use of technology especially in digital marketing –more so, in the influx of apps such as Fitviu. Newer technology allows easier access to relevant and reliable services while at the same time connecting the best personal trainer Kenya with their clients. That said, the power of social media can’t be downplayed in this narrative. More and more personal trainers have built their business model based on the traffic generously given by Facebook and other social media platforms.

One of our core business of Fitviu app is to make better personal trainers Kenya through our targeted personal training courses. Therefore, the success of personal trainers hosted on our platform is our success. We’ve prepared this ultimate guide to share information on how to become a successful personal trainer Kenya. This ultimate guide has everything you need to know about personal training in Kenya.

First of all, as affirmation to our readers –aspiring personal trainers or professionals who wish to sculpt a better personal training practice –you should know that there is a large market out there! There is a sizeable part of the population that really need your services in a myriad of centers in Kenya. Below are the steps you need to take to become a better personal trainer Kenya!

Focus on what you are good at as personal trainer kenya

There are two ways to look at this point. For one as a rule of marketing it’s easier for a personal trainer Kenya to win over a niche than compete in the larger market. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself is what are your strengths? Are you better working with new trainees? Are you gifted in customer services during personal training Kenya? Do you fit with clients recovering from accidents?

On the other hand, you need to consider the technicalities such as managing books, marketing, website development and client’s acquisition. Well, if you are not good in any of the above you might as well hire out the relevant professionals. However, there are free and premium software for accounts management and bookkeeping and task management including personal training. Additionally, you can build your web presence through open source software such as WordPress. The bottom line is that you need to focus on what you are good at!

Legal requirement

In order to be on the safe side a personal trainers Kenya you need to have all the necessary documents. Furthermore, registering yourself with the relevant personal trainer’s bodies is a plus. Well, the structures might not be clearly defined as in the western world since the industry is slowly gaining traction. But it does not cost much to be represented as a professional trainer in Kenya. Clients will be respectable to your trade while you remain on the safer side with the local authorities.


Building a client portfolio

Fitviu has made it easier for personal trainers Kenya to acquire new clients. That said, you have to focus on client acquisition as you start out as a personal trainer. In addition, to the client base provided by Fitviu you need to have a marketing strategy that will help you get new clients. Ultimately, personality can’t be ignored in client acquisition in personal training Kenya. For instance, word of mouth and references go a long way in bring on new clients to add to your portfolio.

In any case you sell yourself better as a personal trainer through the servicers you offer.

Get insurance

You will need insurance as a personal trainer in case of bodily harm on client or on your own body. Insurance will protect you in case an accident that can lead to a suit happens under your watch. It is not common practice in the country but it’s good to be on the safe side for your clients and yourself.

The running of a personal training business

Even if you regard yourself as a personal trainer Kenya, the outlook should be broadly based on the good business practice. When you consider great business acumen you realize that it’s more than dealing with your clients on a one on one basis. They say that if you do not plan you plan to fail. So what are you suppose to learn when running a personal trainer business? The following paragraphs will look into that!

Get a business plan

Business people rarely follow their laid down frameworks because things rarely work out as planned. Basically, a business plan is a collection of ideas that you need to make the right moves.

  • What it will do is give you a basic structure against which you can measure where you are and where you need to be.
  • Here are the things you need to remember about business plans:
  • The goal of having a business plan is to lay out your ideas.
  • You can change your ideas at any time.
  • The business plan is a touchstone so you can work out where you are and then what you need to do next.
  • If you have no other basis for your plan, you can simply start with how much you want to earn.

The goals that you set will help you make the right moves. In the business plan you will list all your S.M.A.R.T goals. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. When you examine the personal training in Kenya you realize that man hours are truly special. You are paid by the hour! Even on fixed price per hour you need to have the right format to achieve these goals. Ultimately, the goals need to realize. The business plan should be flexible enough for easier changes as you move along.


How do you price your product as personal trainers Kenya?

There is no doubt that one of the hardest thing for any business person is pricing your product or services. It gets interesting especially when it gets down to the services industry. Personal trainers Kenya fall under these category. So the following are some of the considerations you need to consider when making these decisions:

  • What is the standard price within your industry? For instance, Fitviu will consider the standard rate in personal training.
  • How do you compete favorably with your competitors? Should you charge more or less from what the market is offering?
  • In addition, to the above point you need to ask yourself whether you can afford to charge more than the standard rates in personal training Kenya. It could be your services and classes are superior to what the market is offering.
  • In business, you need to consider the amount of training hours you need to commit to before you can make a respectable income. For instance, if you charge x amount of money per hour, you need to consider how many clients you need to serve to make a good profit.
  • Is your pricing in line with the kind of time you spend on your personal training classes?

Another great way of pricing your man hours is through discounting the hours so that you can increase volumes. People really love discounts. As such they will be easily convinced to buy your services in the long haul. Additionally, with these customers who purchase long term commitments you get better business. In the end it’s more value for you and your clients.

If you are new in the personal training business then you should know that how your price your product will play a key role in the growth of the business. The Good thing is that with FitViu app you have a marketing platform that will create better business for you.

How do you manage your cash flow?

Cash flow is one of the most crucial elements of managing any business. Without Cash flow your business will fail. You need to understand that there are expenditures and incomes. How you manage them will determine how your personal trainers Kenya business will fair amidst the competition.

In accounting, we have the cash flow statement and the profit and loss account. The cash flow statement will give you that state of your liquidity. How much cash do you have to run the personal trainers Kenya business? These are pertinent issues that you need to lay emphasis on when running your personal training business.


.Marketing can be described as the backbone of personal training Kenya business. Even if you are not great in the process of marketing you have to do it as the main visionary in your personal trainers Kenya venture. In addition, to the traction built by FitViu, you can market your business online and elsewhere especially through conventional marketing methods. For starters, you can gain a lot of traction through using printed materials such as brochures and business cards! That said, you need to ask yourself which is the best way to market your personal trainers Kenya property. The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself


  • Who are your target customers: in short you need to be specific on your target customer. Therefore, where can you find these clients? Are there in book club somewhere? For instance, if you are personal trainers for the athletes in Kenya, you can find most of them around the training grounds.
  • Where your target customers are: as stated earlier a personal trainers Kenya needs to look out for his/her clients in the places they are most likely to hang out. Simply put you need to look out for them in their inhabitants.
  • Use fitviu for marketing: Fitviu is a great marketing tool for personal trainers Kenya. With its wide collection of clientele hosted it becomes easier to acquire new customers as a trainer. Imagine a scenario where you are exposed to thousands of clients within your area.
  • Use word of mouth marketing: There is no other more effective form of marketing as word of mouth. This form of marketing is organic as they get. It is raw and honest. It’s a group or individuals who believe in your ideology and personal training tactics sharing the info with their friends. People tend to believe recommendation because they are sincere in most cases.


After marketing you need to create a sales funnel that will lead to the process of client’s acquisition. The process of turning leads into paying customers is a science and art in itself. It has to be deliberate and intentional fueled by the desire to achieve great goals. In order to beat competition you need to have a clear cut marketing strategy.


Digital marketing for personal trainers Kenya


Generally, the fitViu app is part of the broader marketing strategy for personal trainers Kenya. However, in addition, a personal training Kenya business will benefit from embracing the right digital marketing channels.


In order to execute a winning digital marketing strategy you need:


  • A great website
  • Social media presence
  • Digital advertising


A profitable website: a great website is no compromise, it is the backbone of digital marketing. With a website your personal trainers Kenya business has an online shop that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. There are two options for making a website. You can either hire a professional web developer or you can create it on your won. The good thing is that we have open source software that non techies can use to build their websites.


For instance, there a great web development software such as WordPress, Joomla, drupal etc. WordPress is the most popular and it’s easy to learn for non techies.  You can build a modern, sleek and responsive website without writing a line of code.


Social media presence: every time someone mentions social media, most business folks wish they were on all the social media pages. However, that is not the case –you only need to find the right fit for your personal trainers Kenya business. Depending on the clientele you wish to target it becomes easier. Facebook is by the far the largest social media in Kenya. It is followed by Twitter. Whatsapp is great for customer services and follow ups!


Digital advertising: the difference between digital marketing and digital advertising is the money spend. In the latter you have to pay online platforms to advertise your products or services. The former includes much more than paid ads. In fact digital advertising is part of the broader digital marketing


Last but not least, you need to be consistent with your posting. In addition, you need to remember that content is King! The type of content you share should be captivating tio inspire your followers. Ultimately, this content should evoke enough emotions for the target clientele to sign up to your personal training programs.


Managing your business


The last part of being a successful personal trainer Kenya is the aspect of managing your business. How do you ensure that the business is profitable? This is where you get your hands dirty by digging deep in search of valuable information. As a personal trainer, you might not know anything about financial management or analyzing project management graphs. However, these are some of the much needed skills you need to build a better personal trainers Kenya business.


Building a formidable personal training business takes time, requires commitment and dedication. You are the bearer of the vision and you need to push harder to ensure it works for you!


The bottom line is that there is a huge market for personal trainers in Kenya. You just have to be creative in drafting and executing your strategy.  With the help of Fitviu more personal trainers Kenya will get a shot at the business. The app is here to help personal trainers achieve tremendous goals by connecting them with the right clientele per their specialization!