Benefits of using fitviu health and fitness app (recommended by personal trainers)

Benefits of using fitviu health and fitness app (recommended by personal trainers)

By: Samuel Mwagiru

From the look of things its quite east to tell that we are overly enthusiastic about fitness. More so, after the launch of the on demand fitness app Fitviu. The app is recommended by personal trainers Kenya.  The idea was birthed by a co-founder who believed in delivering better personal training services to Kenyans and the world over.      The world is embracing personal training and fitness in a never seen before enthusiasm. It’s like everyone is talking about fitness and training. Out there we have an individual who needs to be in better shape, healthier and happier. Perhaps, would require the services of a personal trainer.

With this app you get more within your reach at the touch of your smartphone screen. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get using the Fitviu app. First off all, you get access to highly trained personal trainers Kenya, best nutritionists, gym and training facilities etc. You get access to valuable data that will help you move on to the next stage of your fitness goals.

Ability to easily track your progress

Of course tracking progress is crucial in achieving fitness goals. The Fitviu app will help you track your nutrition and training programs with the help of a personal trainer. Interestingly, you will be doing this through the use of your smartphone. You will get track your weight loss program, your nutrition and also gets notes to move on to the next stage of training. You will get reports that a personal trainer will be using to help you train.

Get access to professionals through the fitviu app

Imagine getting access to best nutritionists, best personal trainers Kenya, best gym memberships and discounts through the Fitviu app. The app has been fitted with geographical technology that allows you to identify all these professionals near you. These professionals and facilities allows you to enjoy convenience doing what you love. The app will help you achieve your goals faster!

Set goals you can easily achieve

One of the biggest challenge faced by people who have major fitness goals is losing motivation before they reach the finish line. For one, with the help of the fitviu trained personal trainers you are helped to achieve realistic goals. Achieving fitness goals require a total lifestyle change it’s not easy when you are all alone. However, with the help of professional nutritionist and personal trainer you have someone to help you carry the heavy load. Or you might think them as a coach who is happier to see you succeed as you are.


These are some of the benefits that the fitviu app has in stored beneath its hood. Check out our blog for more benefits on this app. It has the ability to revolutionize the Kenyan fitness industry and you and I are the lucky ones. If you have not yet download the app you should held over to our download page now!


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