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7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Health & Fitness

7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu…

Corporate wellness programs are initiatives facilitated by employers to promote the health and wellbeing of workers. They constitute a lot of activities such as paying for gym subscriptions for employees, availing healthy meals, establishing stress management programs and providing free health screening to employees.  All of these activities are beneficial to employers and employees in several ways. Below are some benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Improved Employees’ Health

Undoubtedly, corporate wellness programs foster the health of employees. When they have access to gyms and personal trainers, they are able improve their physical fitness. The loss of weight also helps in the prevention of diseases such as obesity. Proper diets and exercising also promote the mental wellbeing of employees, preventing them from elevated illnesses.

Increased Productivity

Corporate wellness programs increase employee productivity. To begin with, when employees know that the organization cares about their wellbeing, they develop a positive attitude towards work. Secondly, the access to gym facilitates places an employee in a better physical and mental place to carry out their work. Increased morale and ability to work lead to increased productivity, which is beneficial to the organization.

Increased Revenue

When employees are healthy and productive, the revenue of the organization increases. Employees are able to work as a team and the relationship between them and the management improves. All these factors boost the overall employee performance and revenues increase.

Engaged and Happy Employees

Corporate wellness programs boost employee engagement. They become happy and satisfied when they are able to work out together after work. With a work environment that promotes health and happiness, an organization is able to achieve high levels of performance.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Spending too much money on healthcare can be financially and emotionally draining for employees. Through the corporate wellness programs, they are able to maintain healthy lives. Consistency in working out and proper diets helps in the prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, alcoholism, and depression. As a result, less money is spent in hospitals.

Reduced Absenteeism

Corporate wellness programs prevent or reduce employee absenteeism. Workers who are able to benefit physically and emotionally will rarely have excuses not to come to work. Additionally, when they are healthy, sick leaves and negligence will reduce.

Higher Employee Retention and Attraction Rate

A company that implements a corporate wellness program creates an excellent organization culture. Employees become happy, healthy and are highly satisfied with their work. With such a culture, it becomes easy for the organization to retain employees and attract new talent.


Despite the importance of corporate wellness programs, some organizations still find it hard to determine if employees are utilizing and benefitting from them. When you give employees money to pay for gym memberships, they might opt not to work out. They can also pay and never attend. This is wastage of organizational resources.  Our Fitviu App provides solutions to such problems by enabling managements to monitor wellness delivery and allowance allocation. The app has a business dashboard whereby employees’ names can be uploaded. The organization can then allocate wallet money allowance which will reflect on each employee’s Fitviu app. Employees can use the wallet money to buy all the listed Fitviu services anywhere, anytime.

7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Health & Fitness

8 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Losing weight can be quite difficult. Even when you feel that you are exercising well and maintaining a proper diet, you might not get the results.  In some cases however, the slow progress could be as a result of misguided weight loss advice. This article covers some of the mistakes that exercisers make when trying to lose weight.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals does not aid in weight loss. Instead, it affects the metabolism such that the body starts to store fats as it anticipates more missed meals. As a result, weight loss backfires and some people end up adding more weight. Instead of skipping meals, eat more healthy foods like vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Too much cardio and zero resistance training

While cardio is recommended for losing weight, it might not give the expected results. It is important to lift weights for two or three days every week.  Combining cardio and resistance training is not only beneficial in losing weight but also gaining body strength.


There is no shortcut to losing weight. Most people expect to lose a huge amount of weight within a very short duration. This is not realistic and this is kind of mentality makes people to give up easily. Cutting weight takes time and requires a lot of patience. If you exercise and eat the right way, you will definitely lose weight. While at it, have a personal trainer who will guide and support you.

Sticking to boring or same workouts

Working out is fun but sticking to similar workouts every day can make it boring. A good and exciting way to lose weight is using different exercises. Focus on different parts of the body every day. Switch between cardio and resistance training. At least, use varying exercises daily with different intensity and intervals.

Too much exercise

Without any doubt, exercising is very important in losing weight. However, too much of it can prevent weight loss. When you work out a lot, you can experience injuries and burnouts. You need to rest to allow the muscles to recover.

Being overly strict

Weight loss requires us to avoid junk foods, which we love so much. Even then, it is ok to eat such foods once in a while. When we restrict ourselves from such foods, our bodies become stressed and crave that food which we are really trying to avoid.  However, cheat meals should only be consumed once in a while.

Poor sleeping patterns

When we lack enough sleep, the production of hormone cortisol increases such that we become more stressed. As a result, the body stores more fats. Additionally, people who sleep poorly tend to be hungrier. Lack of enough sleep therefore stalls the weight loss. It is important to sleep for about 7 hours everyday.

Too much focus on the weighing machine

Measuring weight after some time allows you to know the amount of weight you have lost. However being obsessed about it can be discouraging. Sometimes, the weight lost might be very insignificant. Instead, focus on other achievements. Feeling more confident, stronger, healthier and lifting more weights signify that you are making progress.


Losing weight can seem difficult but it is doable. All you need to do is embrace the correct exercise and diet routines. Ensure to have a personal trainer to give you advice on weight loss. You can access personal trainers near you through the Fitviu App. The Fitviu App also streamlines your fitness journey as it provides fitness and nutrition routines that are customized for you.



7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Gym Services

7 Ways to Maintain a Consistent Workout Schedule in…

For most people, working out is usually an exciting journey in the beginning. With time however, the motivation decreases, missing workout sessions becomes a habit and finally a person stops working out completely. Many of us know what we should do and how we should eat but we are not disciplined to stay consistent. We can blame the lack of time due to our careers, families among many other excuses. Even so, it is possible to keep consistent workout schedule with the following tips.

Start small, advance gradually

One of the reasons why many exercisers cannot keep a consistent workout schedule is because they want to be perfect at the very beginning.  After the realization that they need to lose weight and keep fit, people are usually in a hurry to achieve goals. Most of them start at a pace that they cannot maintain in the long run. With such habits, one is likely to lose interest in working out.

Consistency comes from starting small and advancing gradually. For instance, if you have not been working out before, start with low intensity exercises and a few numbers of days. As you become fitter, increase the intensity and add more days to your schedule. This way, working out will not feel like a chore and will come naturally.

Understand that discipline is more important than motivation

Motivation is key in all aspects of our lives. In fitness, however, it does not play a bigger role than discipline does.  It is not possible to have motivation all the time but if you are disciplined enough, you will exercise anyway. With discipline, working out becomes a habit and the lack of motivation cannot stop you.

Create a plan

If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. This saying applies even in fitness.  In your workout plan, consider the number of days, the type of exercises and the time. This way, you will be in a position to keep a consistent workout schedule. If you are a beginner, planning might not be very easy. This is why it is important to engage a personal trainer who can offer advice on the same.

Associate yourself with people who workout

The kind of people you keep in your life can determine your ability to maintain a consistent workout schedule. Surround yourself with friends who work out or have interest in fitness. In fact, you can have a workout buddy who will be looking out for you. Accountability partners will make you become more committed in exercising.

Form and stick to fitness and diet habits

Fitness and health is not about how you start but how you progress. Creating small habits can help in keeping a consistent workout schedule. Such habits can range from drinking 2 liters of water, walking 5km every day, eating vegetables and fruits once per day, avoiding cheat meals for 5 days among others. When such practices become a habit, it will become easier for you to keep doing them without failure.

Create short term goals

Falling off the fitness wagon is very easy. This happens because most people expect to lose too much weight within a very short time. Set short term goals that are realistic. For instance, losing 3kgs within a month is feasible. Celebrate small achievements such as lifting more weight, running an extra kilometer, being consistent and eating right. By doing this, you will be motivated to continue working out.

Signup with the Fitviu App

The Fitviu App acts as a workout buddy and enables you to keep a consistent workout schedule. It is an on-demand platform that allows exercisers to request personal trainers anywhere and anytime in Kenya. The app provides a workout and diet plan based on your fitness and wellness goals.


It is possible to be consitent in working out. Focus on being dicsiplined and stop making excuses. When you feel lazy, tired and less motivated to workout out, look at your goals. The reason why you started keeping fit should be enough motivation to keep going.


7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Personal trainers

6 Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients in…

Personal training is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya today. More people are aiming at living healthy lifestyles by keeping fit and losing unnecessary weight. Despite all these changes, personal trainers in Kenya are still finding it hard to get more clients. Below are some few tips that a personal trainer Kenya can use to attract exercisers.

Give your best

To get more personal training clients, you must give the best services. Ensure that your clients are happy and satisfied all the time they visit your gym. Help them to reach their goals by addressing their concerns. Happy customers will become loyal to the extent of informing others about your services. With time, your personal training clients list will grow.

Request for referrals

The success of a personal training business in Kenya relies on how well you advertise your services. A good way to do it is to ask for referrals from your loyal customers, friends and family. If a client tags along their friend, give them a gift or a free session. When a new client is referred to you, give them quality services so that they can come back.

Educate people about fitness

Several people want to exercise nowadays. However, there is so much information about fitness on the internet that confuses them. To attract such confused individuals, provide information about fitness and nutrition. Clear their doubts and worries by providing written content, guides and videos on social media platforms. By doing this consistently, clients will create trust in you and will want you to be their personal trainer.

Engage with clients on social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram are very good platforms for getting personal training clients in Kenya. If you want to grow the number of your clients, engage your followers. Your followers like your page because they know that fitness is great for their health. As such, ensure to give them fitness and wellness tips regularly. Create live discussions whereby you answer their queries. Ask them simple fitness questions and give free sessions or incentives to people who answer correctly. Your social media platforms must remain active all the time.

Post customer testimonials

Another important way to grow your personal training clients is by posting customer testimonials. Encourage your clients to capture different phases of their fitness journey. You can then ask them to post their progress and testimonials on your online platforms. Other people will want to have such progress and will want to train with you.

Sign up with the Fitviu App

The Fitviu App is an on-demand platform that allows clients to request personal trainers anywhere and anytime in Kenya. Once you sign up with us, you can manage your services and clients from Fitviu provider app. We give you the flexibility to work on your time and the marketing power to reach new clients in your area. We work to connect you with users and give you the ability to personalize your profile for a brand that suits you. The app also has features that enable you to generate business leads and communicate with your new client base.

7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Health & Fitness

All You Need To Know About The Fitviu App

The Fitviu app is an on demand app that enables clients to access full suite fitness services.  These include gyms/studio, trainers, nutritionists and group classes.  Through the app, individuals can connect with fitness and wellness service providers based on their goals and convenience. Additionally the Fitviu app eases access to fitness and wellness services. It also allows individuals to do so anywhere, anytime.

Gym Listing

The Fitviu app contains a list of gyms in several locations around the country. There are details about group classes, in-house personal training and gym passes.  A client can choose to work out on their own, with a personal trainer or in a group. The app contains gym ratings, which depend on customer reviews. As such, a client is able to make an informed decision in selecting a gym that suits their needs and preferences.

Ease of Use

The Fitviu app is very easy to use. Once a user selects a gym, the app guides them to the exact location. Payment is also made on the app fast and securely.  With this app, clients do not need to sign binding contracts or pay for gym memberships.
The Fitviu app also connects clients with personal fitness trainers and nutritionists. These are service providers who provide one on one services that to meet individual fitness and wellness goals. Notably, these are professional and verified trainers who the company vets.  With personal trainers, clients can choose the time and location where they need the services delivered.
The Fitviu app comes with a Bluetooth Scale that allows clients to measure and record their weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle rate, body water, bone mass, visceral fat index and fat mass. It also comes with a meal and workout plan. These features are beneficial in that they prevent interruptions in the fitness and wellness routines. If a user changes their gym, personal trainer or nutritionist their information is already saved for new service providers to refer.

Fitviu App Business Advantages

The Fitviu app is very beneficial to trainers, nutritionists and corporates. Trainers and nutritionists who register with this company will be in a position to connect with new clients. Furthermore, the provision of quality fitness and wellness services will increase the gym ratings. Positive reviews by customers will create a competitive advantage for a trainer or a gym.
The Fitviu app also enables corporate to promote employee fitness and wellness reliably and inexpensively. The app has a business dashboard. The management can view the delivery of fitness services and also allocate employee allowances.  The organization just needs to upload employees’ names and allocate wallet money for each employee. This balance will show on each employee’s Fitviu app. The money will be deducted every time an employee seeks fitness and wellness services. This helps to determine if the corporate wellness program is working. Additionally, it saves on finances as the organization can allocate money upon exhaustion.