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Benefits of using fitviu health and fitness app (recommended…

From the look of things its quite east to tell that we are overly enthusiastic about fitness. More so, after the launch of the on demand fitness app Fitviu. The app is recommended by personal trainers Kenya.  The idea was birthed by a co-founder who believed in delivering better personal training services to Kenyans and the world over.      The world is embracing personal training and fitness in a never seen before enthusiasm. It’s like everyone is talking about fitness and training. Out there we have an individual who needs to be in better shape, healthier and happier. Perhaps, would require the services of a personal trainer.

With this app you get more within your reach at the touch of your smartphone screen. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get using the Fitviu app. First off all, you get access to highly trained personal trainers Kenya, best nutritionists, gym and training facilities etc. You get access to valuable data that will help you move on to the next stage of your fitness goals.

Ability to easily track your progress

Of course tracking progress is crucial in achieving fitness goals. The Fitviu app will help you track your nutrition and training programs with the help of a personal trainer. Interestingly, you will be doing this through the use of your smartphone. You will get track your weight loss program, your nutrition and also gets notes to move on to the next stage of training. You will get reports that a personal trainer will be using to help you train.

Get access to professionals through the fitviu app

Imagine getting access to best nutritionists, best personal trainers Kenya, best gym memberships and discounts through the Fitviu app. The app has been fitted with geographical technology that allows you to identify all these professionals near you. These professionals and facilities allows you to enjoy convenience doing what you love. The app will help you achieve your goals faster!

Set goals you can easily achieve

One of the biggest challenge faced by people who have major fitness goals is losing motivation before they reach the finish line. For one, with the help of the fitviu trained personal trainers you are helped to achieve realistic goals. Achieving fitness goals require a total lifestyle change it’s not easy when you are all alone. However, with the help of professional nutritionist and personal trainer you have someone to help you carry the heavy load. Or you might think them as a coach who is happier to see you succeed as you are.


These are some of the benefits that the fitviu app has in stored beneath its hood. Check out our blog for more benefits on this app. It has the ability to revolutionize the Kenyan fitness industry and you and I are the lucky ones. If you have not yet download the app you should held over to our download page now!


Gym Services

Differences between a personal trainer Kenya and gym instructor

If you are not aware that there is a difference between a personal trainer Kenya and gym instructor this article will help you. These two actually complement each other when it comes to putting their skills to practice. Even though they perform similar functions there are some difference in execution of duties and concentration of workmanship. We will start with the discussion of the function of a gym instructor.

What are the function of a gym instructor?

Typically, a gym instructor is a permanent employee at a specific gym or fitness facility. In a sense, they are the managers of these facilities. They help members in using the equipment correctly and safely. Additionally, it is the instructor job to ensure that the members are employing the right techniques when executing their duties.

The roles of the gym instructor Kenya

This means members avoid getting injured. In the end the members need to get the best results from their premium membership.

In addition, the gym instructor is in charge of cleaning the equipment and recruiting new members. They also, offer gym inductions and tours of the gym facilities. In some instances, they are in charge of fitness group classes. If you are new in the fitness field you can start working as a gym instructor. It will help you gain confidence in the trade.

The functions of personal trainer Kenya

As stated earlier the functions of the gym instructor are almost similar except that the personal trainer Kenya adds a personal touch. The personal trainer tends to have a holistic approach to training which encompasses fitness, health and weight loss. In essence, their basic function is to assist clients achieve these goals. In the initial stages, the personal trainer Kenya will take the client through consultation to discuss goals.

Once, the fitness goals have been identified the personal trainer will come up with a personalized program and the right advice for nutrition. All these is executed on a one on one basis. Since personal trainers Kenya do not have specific facilities they are tied to they can work anywhere at any time. In most cases, they work at home or at health clubs or gyms or fitness center. The fitness app fitviu allow clients to search for personal trainer near them.


The personal trainer is much more than a trainer, he is also a coach. Working on a one on one basis. They offer much needed motivation and encouragement to the clients. Their relationships with the clients is long standing.

In terms of training a personal trainer Kenya is more advanced than a gym instructor. Usually those that start out as gym instructors end up being personal trainers. The personal trainer ensures that the training regimen is fit for their clients to achieve their fitness goals

Through Fitviu clients can easily find the right gyms and training facilities and personal trainers Kenya.


The benefits of working with the best nutritionist Kenya

Generally, fitness is becoming a rising concern globally and in Kenya. And people are finding it hard to break bad cycles of unhealthy eating which slows down their fitness goals. In order for an individual to achieve a healthy and successfully fit life they have to combine the aspect of great physical training and the right diet. In which case the best nutritionist Kenya becomes godsend. A good nutritionists will help achieve your success with less effort. Additionally, a personal trainer will help you see yourself glow into a better you. The on demand app Fitviu helps individuals and businesses locate the best nutritionists Kenya, personal trainers and the best Gyms near you.

This article will highlight four benefits of working with a nutritionist Kenya.

 Healthy Diet with best nutritionist Kenya

The best nutritionists Kenya are well versed in matters pertaining to healthy eating. They are aware of some of the best nutrients based on your overall fitness goals. In conjunction with a personal trainer Kenya they will help you create a well-planned schedules for nutritious meals. In fact, they are well aware of the foods that help to speed up metabolism which in results help you lose weight. With the help of best nutritionist Kenya you get to drop the unhealthy eating habits and foods. Your new eating schedule will only contain the food that nourish your body. They bring on board a wealth of experience for a healthier diet!

Best nutritionist Kenya help bring about culture awareness

Unknown to a lot of people food marketing is great bait for an obese culture. The people who manage these food campaigns ensure that they get customer hooked to unhealthy foods. In addition, genetics can also affect people in a huge way, so to speak. In consideration to the predisposed and prevalent factors people are at a loss when it comes to losing weight. These cultures can be detrimental to someone who is on a path to better living.

It is for that reason that the best nutritionist Kenya will make a good companion. They will help you learn about the right portions for your exercise regimen. They will emphasis on the need to drink more water and the impact a parent or guardian have over children. Also, nutritionist will show you that it’s not all gloom and doom you can still enjoy snacks for better living. Of course, if these snacks are healthy and in line with your fitness goals

 Help you recover from illness

In some instances, the motivating factor for people who wish to lose weight is illness. Therefore, such kind of individuals need to develop healthier eating plans that will help them recover from their illnesses and at the same time lose some much needed weight. Some of these conditions include heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Together with a doctor the best nutritionist will work with the patient to monitor their reactions to food to develop food plans. In the end a healthier plan will help strengthen the immune system to avoid contracting other health conditions such as common cold, flus and headaches.

 Stress Management

Stress and weight gain tend to go together. First of all, when an individual is under stress they tend to eat a lot and they can’t focus enough to exercise accordingly. Usually, when you are under much stress you secrete a hormone known as cortisol which shoots up your desire for sweeter and comfort foods. By working with best nutritionist Kenya, young adults and children learn when they are eating too much. In most cases, the best nutritionist are also trained in psychology and counseling. Similarly, if an individual eats less food they can be helped by the nutritionist to find the right balance for better body image.

The bottom line is that you need to develop healthier eating habits to help nourish your body for better living. Fitviu is the app that will help you locate the best nutritionist Kenya!



Health & Fitness

Benefits of Zumba classes in Kenya

Modern exercises methods allow for experimental fitness programs. In recent times Zumba classes Kenya is a great fitness alternative. What are the benefits of Zumba classes? This article will highlights the benefits of Zumba classes. But first it’s good to mention that with Fitviu app you can easily locate Gyms offering the best Zumba classes Kenya.

The app can also help you locate personal trainers near you, gym membership and the nutritionist.

Zumba classes Kenya are fun!

We can promise you that Zumba classes is quite a fun filled fitness programs. Look at it this way, when you enjoy your fitness program then you will stick with it. Zumba involves dancing which most people enjoy.  In short, you will have real fun once you locate the best Zumba classe Kenya through Fitviu app.

It’s a great weight loos program

In addition to having fun you lose weight through Zumba classes. In fact, you can burn about 600 to 1000 calories in just an hour. It’s evident that a lot of people are looking for weight loss fitness programs. And if you can burn such an amount of calories then you will be on to your way with better bodies.

You get a toned body through Zumba classes

Of course, you want to get a toned body. That said, getting a toned body is not easy. As you get close to your dreamy body, you will endure some level of pain. However, eventually you remain as the winner. Now, this where Zumba classes Kenya comes in –the classes helps your muscle groups for that toned out body!

Your heart is covered in Zumba classes

One of the most sensitive part of the body is the heart. Ideally, you need great and functioning cardiovascular respiratory systems. Zumba classes Kenya will help you achieve that. Through these classes you get aerobic benefits that gets your heart rate up!

Helps you deal with stress

When you mind is fully occupied in the coordinated exercises, your body performs optimally. Generally, fitness programs are great way of relieving your body of stresses. There is overall improvement in cognitive responses with Zumba classes Kenya. Additionally, there is reduction of fatigue because of your concentration is focused on achieving your goals.

Indirectly, Zumba classes helps your body release endorphins which are responsible for happiness. They trigger positive feelings within your body.

Are you ready to start? Well you can simply go to the Fitviu download page and install the app to help you locate the best Zumba classes Kenya.


Personal trainers

The benefits of working with a personal trainer in…

In most cases, cost is the most prevailing reason that people cite for not hiring personal trainers Kenya. Understandably, it could be inhibiting for some people. The other reason is the fact that people are afraid of being pushed so hard by their personal trainers. However, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer outweighs the cons. And the great thing is that with advent of technology personal training gets more personalized. The app Fitviu will help you locate a personal trainer tailored for your fitness goals. Just as we have different personalities, personal trainers came in different temperament. There are those that will push you like a rugby coach and others are gentler in their approach. Here are some of benefits of hiring a personal trainer Kenya

They help you achieve your fitness goals with personal trainers

The personal trainer will achieve all you fitness goals. The good thing about a personal trainer Kenya is the fact that they help you define personalized goals. They will take into account your current fitness state and plan on what you wish to achieve in the near future. They usually help you set realistic and attainable goals. In fact, they will help you reach to your very best. In addition, they help you progress towards your goals by holding you accountable.

You get a personalized workout with personal trainers

Personal trainers Kenya work with a specific, personalized workout schedule based on your fitness goals. Training and exercise is not a one size fit all workout routine. For that reason, the routine is tailored specifically for you. It can’t get better than that, can it? If you have an injury they personal trainer will design a plan that will be personalized to your body responses.

There have better training methods

The personal trainers Kenya have instructional materials that will help you perform your exercises in your routine. The trainer will demonstrate and coach you in the best personal training tactics. Through the guidance of a professional trainer you reduce the risk of injury which help you perform even better during exercises. If you are able to perform a move in the right way it helps you even when you are at home or at a personal gym.

What about the right motivation?

Honestly, it’s practically impossible for most people to maintain motivation during exercises. That said, the presence of a trainer does evoke some desired emotions and some sense of accountability. The coaching spirit in a personal trainer Kenya will help you find the right rhythm to continue practicing. In fact, we all love to hear those inspiring words of praise. If they are done consistently, you realize that you have more juice to keep on doing it longer!


In order to take your exercising and training to the nest level you need to work with a professional personal trainer Kenya. Fitviu app will help you discover some really great options ranging from Gym near your, personal trainer closest to your home and the best nutritionist In Kenya.

Gym Services

How to find the best gym in Kenya


There is always enthusiastic faces willing to join a gym in January more than any other month in the year. Of course, joining a gym Kenya in the first month is inspired by New Year’s resolutions.  As the months progress the commitment also dwindles. The question still remains how do you stick to your gym? Simple…look for a gym you’d fall in love with.


The gym Kenya you join should energize you to want to exercise every day of your life throughout the year. Therefore, you need to join a Gym are comfortable with. It should be a place you feel inspired to work out the minute you walk in. This can be added by the fact that the team you meet there embraces proper customer service. In essence, the gym you join should elicit happy emotions only –it should make you feel good about exercising and yourself.

The good thing about Fitviu is the fact that it is easier to locate a gym within your area. The app will help you find the best gyms and the best personal trainers in Kenya. However, sticking to true traditions, this post will arm you with the right information to locate the best gym in Kenya.

Choose a local gym Kenya

One of the features of Fitviu app is geo positioning, which allows users to find personal trainers and gyms within their locality. Of course, it is logical to exercise within a gym close to your home. While you are at it, you can look out for a gym that has ample parking.

If you wish to locate the best gym Kenya do so at a time when you wish to be visiting. That is, you should check it out during your ideal time. If you plan on working out in the morning and evenings then examine the gym Kenya during that time. Additionally, you should inquire on the equipment you’d wish to use while at the gym. Do they have the equipment already? Is the gym congested?

What about the equipment cleanliness?

There is no doubt that gyms are germ factories. It takes a lot of work to clean the gym equipment. Ideally, the cleaning activities should be done on a daily basis. If possible, the gym should be cleaned throughout the day to ensure they remain in pristine condition. At least wiping the equipment after use (especially the weights). Furthermore, an exerciser is advised to come with a hand sanitizer at the gym Kenya of their choice!

How does the gym Kenya handle emergencies

Any gym Kenya is predisposed to accidents and emergencies. That said, a gym should be ready to handle these emergencies. The best case scenario should have gym instructors or team members trained in CPR or basic first aid skills for common conditions.

 Invest in your membership

You should ensure that your investment in your gym Kenya is focused. When you have scheduled training with a personal trainer Kenya or group classes you get more accountability. The idea is to build up on your investment by looking for results. When you can see return in investment (ROI) you will wish to continue with the exercises.

 The culture at a gym Kenya is crucial

A culture of inspiration will motivate you to wish to work out in a gym Kenya. Therefore, you should look out for the culture. For instance, you need to find out what they allow and do not allow at a gym. Plus, at the end of the day everyone wish to achieve their fitness goals which could be muscle training or weight loss.


Choosing a gym Kenya remains a personal choice. However, with the app Fitviu it becomes easier locating the right gym for your fitness goals. The choice will also be determined by the type of achievement you wish to make. You can check out our post on the connection between nutrition and exercising.


Gym Services

Advantages of Group Classes in Kenya

Group classes have become popular over the years especially in the capital Nairobi. They are fun, fast paced and a great way to lose weight. In addition to gaining energy and burning calories, exercisers have support from each other. The benefits are evident –social support, healthier bodies and motivation all in one hour sessions of pure fun! The type of exercises done during these group classes include some form of basic martial arts, aerobics and indoor cycling. When doing group classes with the help of personal trainers in Kenya, you are in a better position to challenge your body!

Fitviu is an app dedicated to help fitness enthusiast and seasoned trainees find the best group classes with Nairobi and other places in Kenya. Furthermore, you can get personal trainers Kenya at your convenience.

Here are some of the advantages of group classes.

Get social

The idea of these classes is to bring people together so they can achieve a common training goal. Once you are in those classes, you get to meet people from your community who share a common interest. In fact, you are more likely to have the time of your life working out in a group class than on your own. Additionally, fitness classes are a great place to make new friends or forge new business partnerships. Group classes allow you to drop your professional hat and simply socialize

Also, you get to solve adult’s problems with your friends as your exercise

Much needed motivation

As stated in the earlier point, fitness classes helps you to move beyond your limitations. The personal trainers in Kenya can easily identify body signs for fatigue as they push you to the limits. In fact, with the motivation from others you get to work even harder. The reason behind this is the fact that everyone wants to achieve great goals. The gym instructor is on hand to take you through the most beneficial exercises.

Health benefits associated with group classes

Every fitness enthusiast has a different goal. In group classes there are different workout styles. For example, if your goal is to lose weight you can easily do so through aerobics such as dances, martial arts, indoor cycling, etc. On the other hand, when you wish to improve your strength and endurance you can take weight training and boot camp group classes. For flexibility purposes you can take yoga classes.

Do not worry if you are a newbie, the gym instructor will guide you on the steps to finding the right exercise. There are other types of exercises such as strength training, spin and yoga that are beneficial in proper form. If you are newbie in group classes you always need to be careful to avoid injuries.


Group classes have the support of AA even though it’s not AA. The setting itself has been made as such to help people grow together. For starters, you won’t miss a class because your fellow trainees will be on the lookout. They’d want to know why you are absent because they are concerned about your well-being. It gets interesting especially when you have to prepay for a group class. You can’t miss it!

Fitviu is out to help individuals achieve their fitness goals through finding the right gyms,group classes, personal trainers in Kenya and nutritionists.


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The relationship between nutrition and personal training

The relationship between personal training and nutritionist Kenya is crucial. In order to succeed in personal training Kenya you need to watch what you eat. In the past training enthusiast have adopted well-meaning exercises regimens but later on added weight through the wrong nutrients intake. That’s why a personal trainer Kenya comes in handy. You can bet on Fitviu to help you achieve your goal. It’s good to mention that watching nutrition is necessary as a casual exerciser or a professional athlete. In the end your body deserves the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and fluids to run your body.


If you are looking for the right results you need a combination of the best nutritionists Kenya and personal trainers Kenya. Thanks to technology and access to information more and more people are maximizing on their desire to have better bodies. We’ve prepared an ultimate guide with the right nutrition guidelines. As it is you will be able to make the right choices to fuel your body to the next level. Everyone has different fitness goals but the need for the right nutrition cuts across board!


Understanding your body is key

Even before you get down to finding the perfect personal trainer Kenya and best nutritionist Kenya, its starts with you. It starts with something basic as examining your body calories requirements and body mass index.  Secondly, you need to understand your fitness goals.


What are your fitness goals?

There is always a challenge when it comes to setting fitness goals especially in the absence of a personal trainer Kenya and best nutritionist Kenya. You need a calculated approach. In order to set up yourself for success, you need to start small. Without the right goals you could be going round in circles. The idea is to have progressive approach in piecemeal nutrients intake till you achieve your fitness goals. The key phrase here is “set realistic goals”. Once you set the ultimate goal, it’s easier to break it down to weekly and daily fitness goals.


  • Timing your goal; how long will it take you to achieve your fitness goals? Is it a period of one month, 3 months or one year? Similarly, how long will it take when working with the best nutritionist and personal trainers Kenya?
  • What will it take to achieve your fitness goals? ; will you be going it alone or with the help of fitness professionals? How many workouts will you be doing every week? That way you are able to plan your workout schedules ahead not to affect your normal activities. Again, you have to be realistic on what it takes to achieve your fitness goals. It’s better to take more time and achieve results than have a haphazard approach and go round in circles!
  • Do you believe you can achieve the goal? ; answering this question means that you are ready to make the right realistic moves.

How to plan your nutrition?

This article is all about timing your nutrition. What do you consume before and after you have gone through tight exercise regimen with your personal trainer Kenya. Even though you might be working with the best nutritionist Kenya, we have the following guideline to help you. You can review it together with your nutritionist.



The pre workout nutrition


  1. Carbohydrates; if your body is your car then carbohydrates is the fuel for your engine. When you are exercising you need a lot of carbohydrates to boost your muscles. The harder you work your body the more you will need carbs.
  2. On the other hand proteins are in charge of reconstructing and repairing the body. In addition, the proteins provide the necessary amino acids to help your body during hard exercises. If you have the right amount of proteins pre workout you will save your muscles from soreness afterwards.


The pre workout schedule

Depending on your work schedule it’s advisable to take a large meals approximately 3 – 4 hours before you start your work out. Furthermore, you can have a simple fruit snack 30 minutes before you get down to the exercise activities. This helps you to add the kick push effect the body needs during the exercise. One downside to eating immediately before you work out is because the muscles will be competing with the stomach.


As the stomach is busy is digesting the food you’ve just eaten, the body is busy working out the muscles during the vigorous act. All this is happening simultaneously!


What are the pre-workout food suggestions?


  • You can have banana with a peanut butter
  • Alongside Yoghurt with berries
  • Nuts and raisins
  • Peanut, apple or almond butter
  • Low fat milk, fruits and oatmeal



Post workout nutrition 


One benefit of carbohydrates after physical workouts with your personal trainers Kenya is the ability to allow your muscles to replenish the lost sugars. Your body is able to recover the lost sugars as best nutritionist Kenya advices. The proteins is in charge of the process of repairing and rebuilding the muscles using the available amino acids and proteins. The optimal time to refuel according to the best nutritionist Kenya is approximately 15 -20 minutes post exercise.


The idea is to ensure that you are properly fueled before and after you are done with the exercises. Of course, with the guidance of a personal trainers Kenya the process becomes easier.


When you put much emphasis on eating wisely your body will benefit from maximum muscle growth, recover quicker and replenish itself. Plus you get to have a lot energy to push you through your workouts!


Post-workout Suggestions:

  • Post-workout smoothie made with low-fat milk and fruit)
  • Low-fat milk
  • Chicken on a whole-grain wrap with vegetables
  • Yogurt with fruit berries


Tips for weight loss


There are two methods that you can use to help you in weight loss. You can either eat fewer calories or you burn the calories that you took. In this section we have prepared a guide on how to lose weight with the help of our seasoned nutritionist Kenya and personal trainers Kenya.


Besides the best nutritionist Kenya and your personal trainers Kenya you need the input of your doctor. The doctor will help you in setting the right fitness goals. Therefore, if you have a lot of ground to cover you can be able to set realistic goals. In addition, to the workouts you need to have lifestyle habits in line with your weight loss goals. If you have the wrong lifestyle habits all your energy will be useless.


The morning workout

The morning workout can be something easy such as bike ride, zomba classes, or a walk. Typically, these exercises require minimal energy to run. The best diet in the morning workout is a carbohydrate rich snack alongside fluids


The right amount of energy as described above will help your body run during the night without eating anything else. On the contrary, your body would require a lot of calories to function in the fitness goals you set in the previous points.

Once you’ve had your morning workout you can eat a simple breakfast full of carbohydrates and proteins such as hard boiled eggs. Whole grain bread, fruit juice and oat meal.

As a precaution, do not skip breakfast in favor of a light lunch if you have an evening workout schedule planned later on. This will increase your intake of calories after workout because you will be too hungry.


The evening workout

If you plan to work out in the evening you need to ensure that you have your lunch 3 to 4 hours before you work out. Our Fitviu best nutrition Kenya suggest you can have some grilled chickens or grilled cheese sandwich with soup. If your lunch is healthy enough it can sustain you during your late afternoon workout. However, it is advisable to have some light snack composed of fruits such as oranges, grapes and a banana.


Post workouts refueling tips

A lot of hydration is necessary. Therefore you need to drink a lot of water to replenish whatever was lost during workout. If you will be working late or going out you need to have some snacks to reenergize your body. But if you are headed home you can skip the light snack. As you wait for your meal (In case it’s not ready when you get home) then you can drink milk in small portions. The nutrients in the milk will help your body refresh itself. It’s good to note that you shouldn’t reward yourself by taking in more calories than you need after a workout. It will be an effort in futility!


Tips for building muscle

Building muscles is not easy to build especially as you get older. By the time most people are past the age of 30, they tend to lose muscles gradually at about three to eight percent each decade. The best way to retain muscles is to engage in resistance training.


  • Strength training & health; the major muscles groups include legs, back, hips, abdomen, arms, shoulders and chest. In order to retain the right physique gained from training you need to work out these groups at least twice in a week. The best muscle trainings are doing pushups and pulls ups, using resistance bands and the typical weight lifting exercises. You get better results by working with the best nutritionist Kenya and personal trainers Kenya.
  • The best nutritionist advice that you need to have the right uptake of carbohydrates and proteins. These two nutrients play a key role in having enough calories throughout the day. In fact, they will help you build a lot of muscles. When building muscles, the intake of proteins should take up the chunk of all the calories an adult takes in. On the other hand when you wish to keep muscle mass you do not need a lot of proteins. In this case, you should focus on food that is rich with proteins and essential amino acids. Additionally, this helps your immune to remain stronger.
  • The following are some of the types of food you can take in including eggs, yoghurt, chicken and cheese. On the other hand, vegetarian can eat soy based foods and nuts and beans. The food should be served in about 3 portions per day including fats and protein nutrients rich food.

Carbohydrates in muscle building

Typically carbohydrates are converted to glycogen duly stored in the body for muscle building. Thus making carbohydrates a very crucial group when you are doing workouts. The carbohydrates intake should be about half of all the calories you take every day when strength training. Try to have low fat carbohydrates in your diet when you are strength training.

Contrary to popular belief, you need fat in your daily diet. The fat is necessary for suppling energy all throughout. The daily fat intake should be about 25 to 35% daily. That said, however, you shold ensure that the intake of fat is healthy to your heart. These fats can be found in olive oil, walnuts, avocado, sardines and salmons.



The bottom line is that you can’t separate nutrition and fitness training. It gets better when you work with a best nutritionist Kenya and the best personal trainers Kenya. Fitviu is on hand to make it easier for users to access the better of these two. In the end each fitness goal is based on individuality and what you need to achieve. For example, there are people who wish to lose weight. On the other hand, we have people who are advanced in their training. They are more focused on strength training.

Of course, the relationship between nutrition and fitness training cannot be crammed in one article. Fitviu will be sharing various blog posts on the subject to ensure that our readers get the best in fitness goals setting and strength training!










7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App Health & Fitness

The ultimate guide on how to become a successful…

In recent years personal training uptake has tremendously increased in Kenya. The increase comes with an extensive demand for better personal training services in Kenya. The rise has been boosted by the use of technology especially in digital marketing –more so, in the influx of apps such as Fitviu. Newer technology allows easier access to relevant and reliable services while at the same time connecting the best personal trainer Kenya with their clients. That said, the power of social media can’t be downplayed in this narrative. More and more personal trainers have built their business model based on the traffic generously given by Facebook and other social media platforms.

One of our core business of Fitviu app is to make better personal trainers Kenya through our targeted personal training courses. Therefore, the success of personal trainers hosted on our platform is our success. We’ve prepared this ultimate guide to share information on how to become a successful personal trainer Kenya. This ultimate guide has everything you need to know about personal training in Kenya.

First of all, as affirmation to our readers –aspiring personal trainers or professionals who wish to sculpt a better personal training practice –you should know that there is a large market out there! There is a sizeable part of the population that really need your services in a myriad of centers in Kenya. Below are the steps you need to take to become a better personal trainer Kenya!

Focus on what you are good at as personal trainer kenya

There are two ways to look at this point. For one as a rule of marketing it’s easier for a personal trainer Kenya to win over a niche than compete in the larger market. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself is what are your strengths? Are you better working with new trainees? Are you gifted in customer services during personal training Kenya? Do you fit with clients recovering from accidents?

On the other hand, you need to consider the technicalities such as managing books, marketing, website development and client’s acquisition. Well, if you are not good in any of the above you might as well hire out the relevant professionals. However, there are free and premium software for accounts management and bookkeeping and task management including personal training. Additionally, you can build your web presence through open source software such as WordPress. The bottom line is that you need to focus on what you are good at!

Legal requirement

In order to be on the safe side a personal trainers Kenya you need to have all the necessary documents. Furthermore, registering yourself with the relevant personal trainer’s bodies is a plus. Well, the structures might not be clearly defined as in the western world since the industry is slowly gaining traction. But it does not cost much to be represented as a professional trainer in Kenya. Clients will be respectable to your trade while you remain on the safer side with the local authorities.


Building a client portfolio

Fitviu has made it easier for personal trainers Kenya to acquire new clients. That said, you have to focus on client acquisition as you start out as a personal trainer. In addition, to the client base provided by Fitviu you need to have a marketing strategy that will help you get new clients. Ultimately, personality can’t be ignored in client acquisition in personal training Kenya. For instance, word of mouth and references go a long way in bring on new clients to add to your portfolio.

In any case you sell yourself better as a personal trainer through the servicers you offer.

Get insurance

You will need insurance as a personal trainer in case of bodily harm on client or on your own body. Insurance will protect you in case an accident that can lead to a suit happens under your watch. It is not common practice in the country but it’s good to be on the safe side for your clients and yourself.

The running of a personal training business

Even if you regard yourself as a personal trainer Kenya, the outlook should be broadly based on the good business practice. When you consider great business acumen you realize that it’s more than dealing with your clients on a one on one basis. They say that if you do not plan you plan to fail. So what are you suppose to learn when running a personal trainer business? The following paragraphs will look into that!

Get a business plan

Business people rarely follow their laid down frameworks because things rarely work out as planned. Basically, a business plan is a collection of ideas that you need to make the right moves.

  • What it will do is give you a basic structure against which you can measure where you are and where you need to be.
  • Here are the things you need to remember about business plans:
  • The goal of having a business plan is to lay out your ideas.
  • You can change your ideas at any time.
  • The business plan is a touchstone so you can work out where you are and then what you need to do next.
  • If you have no other basis for your plan, you can simply start with how much you want to earn.

The goals that you set will help you make the right moves. In the business plan you will list all your S.M.A.R.T goals. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. When you examine the personal training in Kenya you realize that man hours are truly special. You are paid by the hour! Even on fixed price per hour you need to have the right format to achieve these goals. Ultimately, the goals need to realize. The business plan should be flexible enough for easier changes as you move along.


How do you price your product as personal trainers Kenya?

There is no doubt that one of the hardest thing for any business person is pricing your product or services. It gets interesting especially when it gets down to the services industry. Personal trainers Kenya fall under these category. So the following are some of the considerations you need to consider when making these decisions:

  • What is the standard price within your industry? For instance, Fitviu will consider the standard rate in personal training.
  • How do you compete favorably with your competitors? Should you charge more or less from what the market is offering?
  • In addition, to the above point you need to ask yourself whether you can afford to charge more than the standard rates in personal training Kenya. It could be your services and classes are superior to what the market is offering.
  • In business, you need to consider the amount of training hours you need to commit to before you can make a respectable income. For instance, if you charge x amount of money per hour, you need to consider how many clients you need to serve to make a good profit.
  • Is your pricing in line with the kind of time you spend on your personal training classes?

Another great way of pricing your man hours is through discounting the hours so that you can increase volumes. People really love discounts. As such they will be easily convinced to buy your services in the long haul. Additionally, with these customers who purchase long term commitments you get better business. In the end it’s more value for you and your clients.

If you are new in the personal training business then you should know that how your price your product will play a key role in the growth of the business. The Good thing is that with FitViu app you have a marketing platform that will create better business for you.

How do you manage your cash flow?

Cash flow is one of the most crucial elements of managing any business. Without Cash flow your business will fail. You need to understand that there are expenditures and incomes. How you manage them will determine how your personal trainers Kenya business will fair amidst the competition.

In accounting, we have the cash flow statement and the profit and loss account. The cash flow statement will give you that state of your liquidity. How much cash do you have to run the personal trainers Kenya business? These are pertinent issues that you need to lay emphasis on when running your personal training business.


.Marketing can be described as the backbone of personal training Kenya business. Even if you are not great in the process of marketing you have to do it as the main visionary in your personal trainers Kenya venture. In addition, to the traction built by FitViu, you can market your business online and elsewhere especially through conventional marketing methods. For starters, you can gain a lot of traction through using printed materials such as brochures and business cards! That said, you need to ask yourself which is the best way to market your personal trainers Kenya property. The following are some of the questions you need to ask yourself


  • Who are your target customers: in short you need to be specific on your target customer. Therefore, where can you find these clients? Are there in book club somewhere? For instance, if you are personal trainers for the athletes in Kenya, you can find most of them around the training grounds.
  • Where your target customers are: as stated earlier a personal trainers Kenya needs to look out for his/her clients in the places they are most likely to hang out. Simply put you need to look out for them in their inhabitants.
  • Use fitviu for marketing: Fitviu is a great marketing tool for personal trainers Kenya. With its wide collection of clientele hosted it becomes easier to acquire new customers as a trainer. Imagine a scenario where you are exposed to thousands of clients within your area.
  • Use word of mouth marketing: There is no other more effective form of marketing as word of mouth. This form of marketing is organic as they get. It is raw and honest. It’s a group or individuals who believe in your ideology and personal training tactics sharing the info with their friends. People tend to believe recommendation because they are sincere in most cases.


After marketing you need to create a sales funnel that will lead to the process of client’s acquisition. The process of turning leads into paying customers is a science and art in itself. It has to be deliberate and intentional fueled by the desire to achieve great goals. In order to beat competition you need to have a clear cut marketing strategy.


Digital marketing for personal trainers Kenya


Generally, the fitViu app is part of the broader marketing strategy for personal trainers Kenya. However, in addition, a personal training Kenya business will benefit from embracing the right digital marketing channels.


In order to execute a winning digital marketing strategy you need:


  • A great website
  • Social media presence
  • Digital advertising


A profitable website: a great website is no compromise, it is the backbone of digital marketing. With a website your personal trainers Kenya business has an online shop that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. There are two options for making a website. You can either hire a professional web developer or you can create it on your won. The good thing is that we have open source software that non techies can use to build their websites.


For instance, there a great web development software such as WordPress, Joomla, drupal etc. WordPress is the most popular and it’s easy to learn for non techies.  You can build a modern, sleek and responsive website without writing a line of code.


Social media presence: every time someone mentions social media, most business folks wish they were on all the social media pages. However, that is not the case –you only need to find the right fit for your personal trainers Kenya business. Depending on the clientele you wish to target it becomes easier. Facebook is by the far the largest social media in Kenya. It is followed by Twitter. Whatsapp is great for customer services and follow ups!


Digital advertising: the difference between digital marketing and digital advertising is the money spend. In the latter you have to pay online platforms to advertise your products or services. The former includes much more than paid ads. In fact digital advertising is part of the broader digital marketing


Last but not least, you need to be consistent with your posting. In addition, you need to remember that content is King! The type of content you share should be captivating tio inspire your followers. Ultimately, this content should evoke enough emotions for the target clientele to sign up to your personal training programs.


Managing your business


The last part of being a successful personal trainer Kenya is the aspect of managing your business. How do you ensure that the business is profitable? This is where you get your hands dirty by digging deep in search of valuable information. As a personal trainer, you might not know anything about financial management or analyzing project management graphs. However, these are some of the much needed skills you need to build a better personal trainers Kenya business.


Building a formidable personal training business takes time, requires commitment and dedication. You are the bearer of the vision and you need to push harder to ensure it works for you!


The bottom line is that there is a huge market for personal trainers in Kenya. You just have to be creative in drafting and executing your strategy.  With the help of Fitviu more personal trainers Kenya will get a shot at the business. The app is here to help personal trainers achieve tremendous goals by connecting them with the right clientele per their specialization!