All You Need To Know About The Fitviu App

All You Need To Know About The Fitviu App

By: Wanjiku Njoroge

The Fitviu app is an on demand app that enables clients to access full suite fitness services.  These include gyms/studio, trainers, nutritionists and group classes.  Through the app, individuals can connect with fitness and wellness service providers based on their goals and convenience. Additionally the Fitviu app eases access to fitness and wellness services. It also allows individuals to do so anywhere, anytime.

Gym Listing

The Fitviu app contains a list of gyms in several locations around the country. There are details about group classes, in-house personal training and gym passes.  A client can choose to work out on their own, with a personal trainer or in a group. The app contains gym ratings, which depend on customer reviews. As such, a client is able to make an informed decision in selecting a gym that suits their needs and preferences.

Ease of Use

The Fitviu app is very easy to use. Once a user selects a gym, the app guides them to the exact location. Payment is also made on the app fast and securely.  With this app, clients do not need to sign binding contracts or pay for gym memberships.
The Fitviu app also connects clients with personal fitness trainers and nutritionists. These are service providers who provide one on one services that to meet individual fitness and wellness goals. Notably, these are professional and verified trainers who the company vets.  With personal trainers, clients can choose the time and location where they need the services delivered.
The Fitviu app comes with a Bluetooth Scale that allows clients to measure and record their weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle rate, body water, bone mass, visceral fat index and fat mass. It also comes with a meal and workout plan. These features are beneficial in that they prevent interruptions in the fitness and wellness routines. If a user changes their gym, personal trainer or nutritionist their information is already saved for new service providers to refer.

Fitviu App Business Advantages

The Fitviu app is very beneficial to trainers, nutritionists and corporates. Trainers and nutritionists who register with this company will be in a position to connect with new clients. Furthermore, the provision of quality fitness and wellness services will increase the gym ratings. Positive reviews by customers will create a competitive advantage for a trainer or a gym.
The Fitviu app also enables corporate to promote employee fitness and wellness reliably and inexpensively. The app has a business dashboard. The management can view the delivery of fitness services and also allocate employee allowances.  The organization just needs to upload employees’ names and allocate wallet money for each employee. This balance will show on each employee’s Fitviu app. The money will be deducted every time an employee seeks fitness and wellness services. This helps to determine if the corporate wellness program is working. Additionally, it saves on finances as the organization can allocate money upon exhaustion.


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