Advantages of Group Classes in Kenya

Advantages of Group Classes in Kenya

By: Samuel Mwagiru

Group classes have become popular over the years especially in the capital Nairobi. They are fun, fast paced and a great way to lose weight. In addition to gaining energy and burning calories, exercisers have support from each other. The benefits are evident –social support, healthier bodies and motivation all in one hour sessions of pure fun! The type of exercises done during these group classes include some form of basic martial arts, aerobics and indoor cycling. When doing group classes with the help of personal trainers in Kenya, you are in a better position to challenge your body!

Fitviu is an app dedicated to help fitness enthusiast and seasoned trainees find the best group classes with Nairobi and other places in Kenya. Furthermore, you can get personal trainers Kenya at your convenience.

Here are some of the advantages of group classes.

Get social

The idea of these classes is to bring people together so they can achieve a common training goal. Once you are in those classes, you get to meet people from your community who share a common interest. In fact, you are more likely to have the time of your life working out in a group class than on your own. Additionally, fitness classes are a great place to make new friends or forge new business partnerships. Group classes allow you to drop your professional hat and simply socialize

Also, you get to solve adult’s problems with your friends as your exercise

Much needed motivation

As stated in the earlier point, fitness classes helps you to move beyond your limitations. The personal trainers in Kenya can easily identify body signs for fatigue as they push you to the limits. In fact, with the motivation from others you get to work even harder. The reason behind this is the fact that everyone wants to achieve great goals. The gym instructor is on hand to take you through the most beneficial exercises.

Health benefits associated with group classes

Every fitness enthusiast has a different goal. In group classes there are different workout styles. For example, if your goal is to lose weight you can easily do so through aerobics such as dances, martial arts, indoor cycling, etc. On the other hand, when you wish to improve your strength and endurance you can take weight training and boot camp group classes. For flexibility purposes you can take yoga classes.

Do not worry if you are a newbie, the gym instructor will guide you on the steps to finding the right exercise. There are other types of exercises such as strength training, spin and yoga that are beneficial in proper form. If you are newbie in group classes you always need to be careful to avoid injuries.


Group classes have the support of AA even though it’s not AA. The setting itself has been made as such to help people grow together. For starters, you won’t miss a class because your fellow trainees will be on the lookout. They’d want to know why you are absent because they are concerned about your well-being. It gets interesting especially when you have to prepay for a group class. You can’t miss it!

Fitviu is out to help individuals achieve their fitness goals through finding the right gyms,group classes, personal trainers in Kenya and nutritionists.


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