8 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

8 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

By: Wanjiku Njoroge

Losing weight can be quite difficult. Even when you feel that you are exercising well and maintaining a proper diet, you might not get the results.  In some cases however, the slow progress could be as a result of misguided weight loss advice. This article covers some of the mistakes that exercisers make when trying to lose weight.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals does not aid in weight loss. Instead, it affects the metabolism such that the body starts to store fats as it anticipates more missed meals. As a result, weight loss backfires and some people end up adding more weight. Instead of skipping meals, eat more healthy foods like vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.

Too much cardio and zero resistance training

While cardio is recommended for losing weight, it might not give the expected results. It is important to lift weights for two or three days every week.  Combining cardio and resistance training is not only beneficial in losing weight but also gaining body strength.


There is no shortcut to losing weight. Most people expect to lose a huge amount of weight within a very short duration. This is not realistic and this is kind of mentality makes people to give up easily. Cutting weight takes time and requires a lot of patience. If you exercise and eat the right way, you will definitely lose weight. While at it, have a personal trainer who will guide and support you.

Sticking to boring or same workouts

Working out is fun but sticking to similar workouts every day can make it boring. A good and exciting way to lose weight is using different exercises. Focus on different parts of the body every day. Switch between cardio and resistance training. At least, use varying exercises daily with different intensity and intervals.

Too much exercise

Without any doubt, exercising is very important in losing weight. However, too much of it can prevent weight loss. When you work out a lot, you can experience injuries and burnouts. You need to rest to allow the muscles to recover.

Being overly strict

Weight loss requires us to avoid junk foods, which we love so much. Even then, it is ok to eat such foods once in a while. When we restrict ourselves from such foods, our bodies become stressed and crave that food which we are really trying to avoid.  However, cheat meals should only be consumed once in a while.

Poor sleeping patterns

When we lack enough sleep, the production of hormone cortisol increases such that we become more stressed. As a result, the body stores more fats. Additionally, people who sleep poorly tend to be hungrier. Lack of enough sleep therefore stalls the weight loss. It is important to sleep for about 7 hours everyday.

Too much focus on the weighing machine

Measuring weight after some time allows you to know the amount of weight you have lost. However being obsessed about it can be discouraging. Sometimes, the weight lost might be very insignificant. Instead, focus on other achievements. Feeling more confident, stronger, healthier and lifting more weights signify that you are making progress.


Losing weight can seem difficult but it is doable. All you need to do is embrace the correct exercise and diet routines. Ensure to have a personal trainer to give you advice on weight loss. You can access personal trainers near you through the Fitviu App. The Fitviu App also streamlines your fitness journey as it provides fitness and nutrition routines that are customized for you.



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