7 Ways to Maintain a Consistent Workout Schedule in Kenya

7 Ways to Maintain a Consistent Workout Schedule in Kenya

By: Wanjiku Njoroge

For most people, working out is usually an exciting journey in the beginning. With time however, the motivation decreases, missing workout sessions becomes a habit and finally a person stops working out completely. Many of us know what we should do and how we should eat but we are not disciplined to stay consistent. We can blame the lack of time due to our careers, families among many other excuses. Even so, it is possible to keep consistent workout schedule with the following tips.

Start small, advance gradually

One of the reasons why many exercisers cannot keep a consistent workout schedule is because they want to be perfect at the very beginning.  After the realization that they need to lose weight and keep fit, people are usually in a hurry to achieve goals. Most of them start at a pace that they cannot maintain in the long run. With such habits, one is likely to lose interest in working out.

Consistency comes from starting small and advancing gradually. For instance, if you have not been working out before, start with low intensity exercises and a few numbers of days. As you become fitter, increase the intensity and add more days to your schedule. This way, working out will not feel like a chore and will come naturally.

Understand that discipline is more important than motivation

Motivation is key in all aspects of our lives. In fitness, however, it does not play a bigger role than discipline does.  It is not possible to have motivation all the time but if you are disciplined enough, you will exercise anyway. With discipline, working out becomes a habit and the lack of motivation cannot stop you.

Create a plan

If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. This saying applies even in fitness.  In your workout plan, consider the number of days, the type of exercises and the time. This way, you will be in a position to keep a consistent workout schedule. If you are a beginner, planning might not be very easy. This is why it is important to engage a personal trainer who can offer advice on the same.

Associate yourself with people who workout

The kind of people you keep in your life can determine your ability to maintain a consistent workout schedule. Surround yourself with friends who work out or have interest in fitness. In fact, you can have a workout buddy who will be looking out for you. Accountability partners will make you become more committed in exercising.

Form and stick to fitness and diet habits

Fitness and health is not about how you start but how you progress. Creating small habits can help in keeping a consistent workout schedule. Such habits can range from drinking 2 liters of water, walking 5km every day, eating vegetables and fruits once per day, avoiding cheat meals for 5 days among others. When such practices become a habit, it will become easier for you to keep doing them without failure.

Create short term goals

Falling off the fitness wagon is very easy. This happens because most people expect to lose too much weight within a very short time. Set short term goals that are realistic. For instance, losing 3kgs within a month is feasible. Celebrate small achievements such as lifting more weight, running an extra kilometer, being consistent and eating right. By doing this, you will be motivated to continue working out.

Signup with the Fitviu App

The Fitviu App acts as a workout buddy and enables you to keep a consistent workout schedule. It is an on-demand platform that allows exercisers to request personal trainers anywhere and anytime in Kenya. The app provides a workout and diet plan based on your fitness and wellness goals.


It is possible to be consitent in working out. Focus on being dicsiplined and stop making excuses. When you feel lazy, tired and less motivated to workout out, look at your goals. The reason why you started keeping fit should be enough motivation to keep going.


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