7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App

7 Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs With The Fitviu App

By: Wanjiku Njoroge

Corporate wellness programs are initiatives facilitated by employers to promote the health and wellbeing of workers. They constitute a lot of activities such as paying for gym subscriptions for employees, availing healthy meals, establishing stress management programs and providing free health screening to employees.  All of these activities are beneficial to employers and employees in several ways. Below are some benefits of corporate wellness programs.

Improved Employees’ Health

Undoubtedly, corporate wellness programs foster the health of employees. When they have access to gyms and personal trainers, they are able improve their physical fitness. The loss of weight also helps in the prevention of diseases such as obesity. Proper diets and exercising also promote the mental wellbeing of employees, preventing them from elevated illnesses.

Increased Productivity

Corporate wellness programs increase employee productivity. To begin with, when employees know that the organization cares about their wellbeing, they develop a positive attitude towards work. Secondly, the access to gym facilitates places an employee in a better physical and mental place to carry out their work. Increased morale and ability to work lead to increased productivity, which is beneficial to the organization.

Increased Revenue

When employees are healthy and productive, the revenue of the organization increases. Employees are able to work as a team and the relationship between them and the management improves. All these factors boost the overall employee performance and revenues increase.

Engaged and Happy Employees

Corporate wellness programs boost employee engagement. They become happy and satisfied when they are able to work out together after work. With a work environment that promotes health and happiness, an organization is able to achieve high levels of performance.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Spending too much money on healthcare can be financially and emotionally draining for employees. Through the corporate wellness programs, they are able to maintain healthy lives. Consistency in working out and proper diets helps in the prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, alcoholism, and depression. As a result, less money is spent in hospitals.

Reduced Absenteeism

Corporate wellness programs prevent or reduce employee absenteeism. Workers who are able to benefit physically and emotionally will rarely have excuses not to come to work. Additionally, when they are healthy, sick leaves and negligence will reduce.

Higher Employee Retention and Attraction Rate

A company that implements a corporate wellness program creates an excellent organization culture. Employees become happy, healthy and are highly satisfied with their work. With such a culture, it becomes easy for the organization to retain employees and attract new talent.


Despite the importance of corporate wellness programs, some organizations still find it hard to determine if employees are utilizing and benefitting from them. When you give employees money to pay for gym memberships, they might opt not to work out. They can also pay and never attend. This is wastage of organizational resources.  Our Fitviu App provides solutions to such problems by enabling managements to monitor wellness delivery and allowance allocation. The app has a business dashboard whereby employees’ names can be uploaded. The organization can then allocate wallet money allowance which will reflect on each employee’s Fitviu app. Employees can use the wallet money to buy all the listed Fitviu services anywhere, anytime.

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